MyWeb30 videos

Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web at CERN for everyone.

To celebrate 30 years since his first proposal, share your own #MyWeb30 video to say what the Web means to you. #Web30

Francois Fluckiger

François Flückiger, an early Internet promotor in Europe who led the Web team at CERN after Sir Tim Berners-Lee left, explains what the web means to him. 

Erwin Siesling

Erwin Siesling from the ISOLDE experiment at CERN talks about his early experiences with the Web, after joining CERN in 1993.

Ben Segal

Meet Ben Segal, Internet promotor at CERN and Tim Berners-Lee’s mentor.

Paula Catapano

Paola Catapano, Head of the audio visual team at CERN, remembers becoming aware of the potential of the Web back in the 90s.

Dominique Bertola

Dominique Bertola was in the office next door to Tim Berners-Lee at CERN when someone, accidentally, unplugged the Web ...

Bob Jones

For Bob Jones, everything came together when he saw Tim Berners-Lee write W W W. He realised that the Web would fundamentally change the way we work.

Maria Dimou

Maria Dimou, CERN computer scientist, highlights how Tim Berners-Lee was already thinking about the Internet of Things in the early 1990s.

David Foster

David Foster, CERN's Data Privacy Adviser, reminisces about his frustrations with what was available before the Web, as well as speaking to Tim Berners-Lee about his future plans.

James Gillies

James Gillies, a senior communications advisor at CERN, tells us what Tim Berners-Lee and The Beatles have in common.

Peggie Rimmer

As direct supervisor of Tim Berners-Lee, Peggie Rimmer recounts the reactions at CERN to Tim's initial proposal in March 1989 and what happened next.

Jean-François Groff

Jean-François Groff developed the first code library for the World Wide Web. The conundrum was, if you wanted to learn about the Web, you needed to have the Web ...

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