The celebration will take place in the CERN Main Auditorium on the morning of 12 March 2019.

It is a free event, by invitation only, that will be webcast. You can already start planning your Web@30 viewing party: a unique opportunity to reach out to and further extend your scientific and social community by inviting guests to watch the event (live or recorded, based on your time zone and constraints) and follow up with a discussion. 


You can watch the live webcast or join a Viewing Party. 

For those who will be watching later in the day, the recording will be available immediately after the event finishes at 10:00am on the CERN Youtube channel at

Connection information

We will have 4 feeds on the day, so feel free to choose whichever one works best for you. 

The links are:

The live feed will start at 07:50am CET, with a web-themed playlist of videos. This will help you fine-tune your set-up, audio, visuals etc. The event will then start at 08:00am and finish at 10:00am.

Viewing party

If you wish to organise a viewing party, all you need is a room with webcast equipment, internet connection, screen and chairs (webcast streaming: Full HD(1080p) at 5Mbit/s). 

In order to confirm your participation and provide you adequate information in due time, we kindly ask you to register your viewing party via the form accessible on this page: This will also ensure that your event appears on the interactive map on the Web@30 website.

Then invite colleagues and friends, and simply tune in to the Web@30 webcast!


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